Villa Babar is Atmospheric; It Feels Special, Mystical and Peaceful


Villa Babar presents the ideal tropical setting for weddings and other functions within its expansive gardens. The sizeable modern kitchen provides the staff with the equipment and facilities to cater for a wide variety of events and a large number of guests. Special events can also be coordinated by professional outside caterers who have the world-class expertise to prepare a sumptuous feast at the villa, in addition to the coordination of decorations, flowers, lighting, sound systems and entertainment. The open-air living area is perfect for a cocktail reception, and the garden is large enough to comfortably accommodate several hundred guests.


Those who are sufficiently focused will be aware of a powerful spiritual energy within the proximity of Villa Babar. This place is atmospheric; it feels special, mystical and peaceful. The ocean and the land emanate a tangible energy, and there is a feeling of harmony with the environment and all of nature’s elements, making Villa Babar the ideal venue to unite body, soul and mind through the practice of yoga and meditation.


Weddings, Seminar, Anniversary, Coaching, Retreat.

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