Dining Room


The open plan dining room adjoins the feature kitchen, and has sliding glass doors on three sides, designed to be opened for a semi alfresco dining experience or closed when it becomes too breezy. A teak dining table, complete with stool seating, can accommodate* up to 18 guests. With fabulous views of the garden, swimming pool and ocean, the dining room is complemented by mood lighting at night, and serenaded constantly by the rhythmic crashing of the waves on the beach below. *accommodate 18 to 20 guests




Fresh food is prepared daily at Villa Babar. The chef is highly accomplished in the preparation of both local and international cuisine, and can create anything from a light snack to a grand banquet. A growing concern for the environment and healthy living has highlighted the necessity of organic farming practices in Bali, and a number of small niche farms in the heart of the island are now showing their steadfast commitment by following natural rhythms and using organic composts and fertilisers to enrich the soil.


The chef believes in supporting the local farmers as well as showcasing Bali’s bountiful harvest to the outside world. He therefore specialises in the VILLA BABAR uses of the fresh and organic produce of this fertile little island, complemented by imported meats from Australia. Villa Babar has an extensive house menu presenting healthy, well balanced meals. Due to the remote location of the villa, you will be asked to select the meals for your group in advance, and the chef is happy to customize dishes by discussing your individual food preferences.


Many Western dishes are available, while the chef also recommends that you try a selection of local dishes for a delicious cultural experience. Dinner parties, functions, unique dietary requirements and special orders can all be catered for. Top quality food and beverages are purchased from the best suppliers as well as from the local markets where the fruit and vegetables are especially wonderful, while fresh fish and seafood is selected from the famous Kedongonan fish market at Jimbaran Bay.




Open plan and adjacent to the dining room, Villa Babar’s immaculate, designer kitchen reveals a discriminating taste for functional beauty and cutting-edge style. It is fully equipped with an imported oven and five-burner hob, a double-door refrigerator, a built-in wine cellar and wine fridge, a cappuccino/espresso machine, a microwave, and everything else that the chef needs in order to prepare delicious meals in accordance with your whims. This bright and airy kitchen is further enhanced by a sliding glass door at the far end overlooking the ricefields. A wet kitchen is tucked away out of sight at the back, linked by a hatch.


Balinese Cooking Classes


Villa Babar also invites you to take a journey into the world of Balinese cuisine, and gain a captivating insight into the local culture. Explore the culinary secrets, flavours and fresh products of this beautiful island, and unravel the mysteries of the exotic herbs and spices used in Balinese cooking. The chef will show you how to prepare traditional dishes, and invite you to blend the pungent spices that are the soul of Balinese cooking. At the end of the lesson you can enjoy the fruits of your labour for lunch, and then take home the recipes for each dish so that you can impress your family and friends with your new Balinese cooking skills.

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